Custom Clearance Secure & Reliable

Service Details

Customs clearance services are one of the most challenging and complex areas of the shipping process. You can’t successfully conduct your business operations without it. But don’t worry we’ve got you covered as we are fully conversant with customs regulations and will guide you through the freight experience as smoothly as possible.


How it Works?

We will advise you about everything you need to know, such as import/ export licenses, classification, valuation, duty reliefs, and end-user.

Why Smart Cube?

We will identify the most appropriate customs regime to support your business that covers costs and time restraints to make sure your shipments will meet all the legal requirements of the particular country in a cost-efficient manner.

how Our Staff Can Help?

Our knowledgeable personnel will deal with all the documentation involved in a customs clearance process and deliver solutions that ensure measurable reductions to your duty and tax liability.

These value-added services facilitate us to deliver the best experience to our clients by saving their time, money, and extra efforts.